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In order to read the dial electricity meter correctly, follow these steps: Go first to the dial on the far left and then move to the right. If the arrow pointer is located between two numbers (e.g. 1 & 2), you take the lower number and write it down. If the pointer is directly on one of the numbers (like the second dial from the left in the.

The Public Works Inspector schedules water meter and box installations with the Water Department. Inquiries regarding the installation should be directed to 509-585-4334. Scheduling for taps, main line shutdowns, health and pressure tests and the like should be coordinated with the City Inspector assigned to the project. Submeter installations must be completed within 90 days of receiving a Notice to Proceed. If you do not have a contractor or service available for installation, Valley Water can provide recommendations. Call (408) 630-2957 or email us at [email protected] .

Water submeters can be installed on existing water lines and read by a remote wireless communication system. Submeters are connected to the individual water line that services each unit, calculating its total water consumption..

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Submeter Installation. Choosing to install a submetering solution for gas, water, and/or electricity in your rental property will streamline your utility billing system, but it requires the proper installation and licensure to ensure a safe and high quality result. Commercial Water & Energy Co. (CWE) offers utility management solutions for submetering apartments and condominiums and only works with licensed and insured installation contractors that meet CWE’s high standards..

Residential buildings constructed after August 8, 2011 must install submeters (N.J. Board of Public Utilities Decision, Docket No. WO11060381). New York . Authorizes residential.

Expert Knowledge of Electricand Water Submetering Systems. With thousands of meters installed and counting, our highly experienced team will take the stress out of electric and water cost allocation for you. We offer full-service solutions from purchasing to ongoing maintenance, and we'll consult with you to pick exactly what you need.

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